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More On Organic Code

November 29, 2010 at 02:07 PM | categories: Software, General

I blogged a couple years ago about Code Farming (tl;dr - the web is a more organic programming environment than packaged software). That post was mostly a commentary on another post I had read.

This past weekend I read "The Biology of Sloppy Code". It touches on some of those same ideas that inspired me to post about Code Farming.

Despite the title, it's less about sloppy code than it is about attempting to categorize different types of software development according to more traditional sciences.

I don't have any specific comments on the article, other than suggesting you read it. I will say that I particularly enjoyed the references to abstraction, Play-Doh and a few zingers the author threw in (real programmers vs. sissy Nancy-boy bedwetters).