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Dremel Hack: Laptop Stand

December 09, 2010 at 02:40 PM | categories: photos, computing, General

I have this laptop stand. It puts my laptop at a nice height when I am using it at my desk.

I have this laptop. It has the headphone and microphone jacks at the front edge of the body.

I have these headphones. They don't play nicely with the laptop when it is in the stand.

So I hacked the laptop stand with my Dremel.

Before (cameo by my fingers, holding the front edge of the laptop up)

img_0 From 2010-12-09 (by Eye-Fi)

The Problem

img_1 From 2010-12-09 (by Eye-Fi)


img_2 From 2010-12-09 (by Eye-Fi)


PS - These macro shots reveal to the world that my desk needs to be dusted. How embarrassing!